"Mad Max: Fury Road:" Will the reboot recapture the magic of the original movies?

  • The Reboot Will Spark Magic Again

    The reboot will spark magic again of the original. This is because while many people will say there is nothing like an original, others have good memories from the past they can associate with remakes. Maybe they were on a date with a special person or they were younger at the time, and it helps them relive it.

  • No, the new movie will not recapture the magic.

    I don't believe that the new movie will capture the essence of the original movies for the sole fact that most of what I have read regarding it has stated the director is going in a different direction. This is not just for the story and plot but also the characters. Their looking for “a new interpretation”.

  • Mad Max need to remain in the archives

    At one point in our history Mad Max was almost iconic to it's followers. I don't feel the reboot/recapture can spark a new generation of interest. While 21st Century has rolled it out into this years Comi Con, I am sure it will have a small following, but overall I do not see it becoming what it was with this new generation emerging.

  • The original movie is a cult classic.

    Mel Gibson was superb in the first movie and it has become a cult classic. I find it hard to believe that a remake could trump it. Hollywood has run out of ideas and is now relying on remakes of popular movies to generate revenue. This remake, in my opinion, will not generate the profits the producers are counting on unless it has some really spectacular plot twists or special effects that will draw and engage modern movie goers.

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