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  • No, please stop taxing us.

    No, Internet streaming shouldn’t be taxed. There are too many taxes. I was upset to find that prepaid cell phone users started getting taxed. It’s getting to the point where we can’t enjoy anything without being stripped of our funds in the name of taxes. Please stop taxing us, Mr. Government.

  • Netflix should not be taxable.

    Internet should be free.Government should have very little influence in what a company can do on the internet. At least when it comes to media and free speech. A few types of things should not be allowed however and use of the legal system is appropriate. Taxes on the other hand is not completely acceptable for this case.

  • Streaming should not be taxed.

    Taxes should only be imposed in situations where the stakeholder believes that they are receiving some government service as a result of the tax. Streaming is not dependent on government and therefore should not be taxed. To the extent that one argues that streaming is dependent on utilities and the like, those services are already taxed so taxing streaming would just be an additional and unnecessary tax.

  • There should be fewer taxes.

    As soon as there is a new invention or technology, someone in the government comes up with a way to tax it. There is not always an element of government involved that justifies a tax. Netflix streams its service without any help from government roads or mailing services. For this reason, Netflix should not be taxed.

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