(Objectivity in History ) please request to all just reply.........

  • History is important but biased

    History is not a waste of time because we learn from mistakes of the past. We can observe what happened in the past to a civilization and make predictions about what will happen in the future, which is the ultimate goal of sciences. It is biased because history is written by the victor, wartime propoganda becomes fact when they win. (US in ww2 with Germany for example.) but even then the history is still important because we can study Hitler's rise to power and figure out how to prevent that in the future.

  • Yes no y

    Please Yes/No both its important topic for discussion because history is a wast subject based on facts..Soits seems to be very tough but i hope you will share your views ..
    To know the facts its important to know Objectivity and subjectivity in History..Hisory is a wast but very interesting topics.

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