"Pokemon Direct" to commemerate 20th anniversary: Will Pokemon lovers have to settle for nostalgia?

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  • No, there are plenty of things to look forward to.

    The "Pokemon Direct" may have been short, and it featured only a couple announcements, but it gave us a lot to look forward to in 2016. Nostalgia will always play a part in most Pokemon lover's opinions, but Pokemon Sun and Moon are fresh games to satisfy the needs of fans, and will surely be worthy of the 20th anniversary.

  • Pokemon Alive and Well

    Pokemon is so popular that the new generation is constantly getting new things that the older generation is also getting. Nostalgia is not the only thing keeping Pokemon alive. It's all the additional things and the story line still resonates with many people and there can always be more things added on.

  • Anniversaries are about Nostalgia

    An anniversary celebrates the date of an event. The 20th anniversary celebration is meant to evoke those warm fuzzy feeling of when you were a child playing your first Pokemon game. To say that Pokemon lovers will have to "settle" for nostalgia is disrespectful toward the fans. Without that nostalgia, there would be no fans.

  • No, I disagree.

    No, I do not believe Pokemon lovers will have to settle for nostalgia. I believe that the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games will be brilliant and provide us with the same feeling we had when we first played Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. The fact that they are using the new Pokemon Sun and Moon to commemerate the 20th anniversary is exciting.

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