"Portrayal of Teenager's Body Image (Females and Males) wields more Negative than Positive Effects." Discuss.

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  • Media doesn't utilize all different types of physique.

    In the media an ideal physique is blatantly portrayed and these are portrayed to prove that if you want to be equal or stand out then you have to fit these body types. These standards are set too high for come people to reach because everyone has a different body type.

  • Let's Be Realistic...

    I think that the way that society portrays the physique of men and women in magazines, TV programmes and other sources of media is wrong because it imposes this image on the current generation (me being part of it) that we should all be like these people to be able to look and feel good. Some people take this to heart and end up going on diets that include starving themselves to death and exercising 24/7 without breaks to be able to achieve the same body as a model or celebrity they've seen somewhere. Many people do this and think that the only way they'll be happy is by looking like these celebrities. However, what they don't see is that the method these models are using to appear so slim and sexy is very different to the way they're doing it. Also, they don't see that by going on these starvation diets, they're making their bodies unhealthy because they're not providing it with the important stuff it needs like vitamins, proteins, carbs and fats as well. So all these youngsters that are trying to look like these celebs need to give themselves a break and live a little!!

  • Speaking from a Transgender's point of view...

    Most of the time the expectations placed on television, magazines, movies, and other media is unrealistic. This goes for any body. People can become highly insecure of their bodies because they don't feel like they stand up to those odd expectations. They feel fat, gross, misshapen, ugly, and other things because they don't feel like they look normal. They do, they all do, but the media doesn't want to show normal.

    Bo Burnham, one of my favorite comedians, was right in a lot of areas. He has a song that details how teenage singers like Justin Beiber and One Directions play on the heart strings of young teenage and preteen girls by singing vague songs to make every girl think they song is about them. They use vague descriptions and recycled lyrics to cause a fake "beatle mania" effect. A lot of those poor girls are even led to believe that Justin Beiber would be willing to leave Selena Gomez for them because they think Justin is singing specifically about them.

    Another problem that goes with this, is the unnatural portrayal of teenagers in the media. A lot of those poor girls, and boys, can get depressed when they realize that they don't look like the girls in the magazines. They think that Justin is "too perfect" while they are fat, ugly, etc... These pictures are photoshoped, and loads of make up is used. All to give the unreal expectation of perfection.

    As a transgender, I would like to be a girl. I know that eventually, no matter what I look like, I will be one. But the portrayal of teenage girls in the media make me think that I just wont be pretty like they are. I know that's not true, but when people look that good, you wonder that no matter what, you wont look that good either. It really depresses other Transgenders like me. Most of them know they can't look that good, and they think they won't look anything like a girl because of it.

    The media is wrong. They show an unnatural beauty to people. We are all normal and beautiful.

  • Media sets an unrealistic expectation on society for body image.

    Most fashion industries utilize media to aid in the promotion of their product. In order to make their product more attractive to consumers, the models are often selected based on physical appearances. Pictorial advertisements are edited to garner viewership and thus consumers, which is an effective marketing strategy. For example, Abercrombie & Fitch is a teenage clothing line that designs clothing suited for "cool kids". At which they do not consider plus-sized women or men. As a result, A&F does not stock XL or XXL sizes. This discriminates the larger sized and thus making teenagers feel inferior and insecure about their size. Thus the media brings about more negative effects.

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Dilara says2015-04-04T21:28:23.150
It's natural to be attracted to thin healthy people who will produce healthy children. People have felt that way for hundreds of thousands of Years greek and roman statues from 2000 years ago were of thin healthy people.