"Psych" series finale: Do you want to see a Psych movie?

  • Fun hour of tv.

    Enjoyed the series from pilot to fanale. The arc of character developments and relationships were fun to watch. Something to be said about a light hearted comedy with likeable characters. Shawn and Gus were a fun pair of sleuths. I could definitely see a movie or a series pickup with main characters in SF. I believe the loose ends left would weave a great fabric.

  • Haven't Watched Series

    I would probably watch a Psych movie once it hit Redbox on Amazon Instant Videos. We don't have cable, so I haven't watched the TV series at all. People don't subscribe to cable and satellite like they use to. We make it just fine with Netflix. I guess I may catch the episodes later on, when they hit these platforms.

  • No Psych Movie!

    The Pysch series finale ended on the show on a perfect note. It walked the line between pulp entertainment and heartfelt drama in the way that only Psych can. We had a wrap up for the lives of all cast members, both major and minor (and previously unseen). There was nothing more that needed to be said (although a cameo from another certain ecentric detective would have been nice). A movie, while fun, could never duplicate the perfection of the series finale.

  • Psych had good run, but should end

    Psych was one of the best comedy/dramas in television history. The writers and actors kept the series fresh and the chemistry of the characters remained throughout. Movies are a different animal than a TV series that lets the viewers follow the lives and experiences of characters over time. A movie can not recreate some of the best aspects of the show.

  • No, they had a great run on TV.

    I really enjoyed the show while it was on TV, but I don't think it would work well as a movie. The personalities on the show are entertaining for short bursts, but I don't think I could watch an hour or more in one sitting. I also don't know purpose the movie would serve, I don't believe there are that many loose ends that need to be tied up.

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