"Puck Luck" Helps New York Win Game 4: Is luck equally important as skill?

  • Luck often more important than skill

    As is the case with any game, skill can only take you so far. You can be the most skilled player in the world but in the end sometimes if fate isn't on your side on the day, things can go awry. Even in sports where players have trained for years, sometimes the ball will fall wrongly. If you're unlucky, no amount of skill or training can help you.

  • Yes, luck is an important component of a winning strategy..

    While luck is often by chance, it takes skill and experience to take advantage of lucky breaks. A team that creates situations where luck can happen and use those situations to create winning momentum have the same advantage as teams who play well. Additionally, winning teams are often skilled at creating their own good luck by placing themselves in the best position to receive it.

  • No, practice and skill overcome luck.

    No, luck is not as important as skills. I believe that players with adequate NHL experience should not rely on a lucky slap shot to win a game. If a player is lacking in a specific skill set they should receive individualized training in order to boost self confidence and increase game winning potential. I wouldn't leave a Stanley Cup up to chance, and a few extra hours of skate practice never hurt.

  • Measurable skill is more important than intangible "luck"

    Possessing and practicing a skill is undoubtedly more important than relying on the hope that "luck" will benefit one in competitive situations. Skill is observable; therefore, skill is able to be measured, progress documented, and improvement proven. Basically, one can see proof of skill, whereas the presence or absence of "luck" is intangible.

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