@RogueNASA: America's scientists are launching unofficial Twitter accounts to defy Trump. Will this be effective in countering Trump?

  • It will be effect because Trump has a thin skin.

    Trump cares too much about what people think of him. If Trump sees even a single tweet from these rogue accounts, he is going to lose it and start tweeting alternative facts of his own. I feel like I am in a bad dream just reading and typing this. I cannot believe scientists in the USA have lost their right to free speech.

  • Trump is direct to the people.

    Trump's popularity is soaring as he has started to keep his campaign promises. The media has done nothing but prepare and run assault pieces on Trump's character and everything that Trump is doing. But people aren't fooled; they know that Trump can take their message to the people with his own Twitter.

  • No, Twitter wars are becoming tiresome.

    The reality is that these Twitter wars are becoming tiresome and boorish. If American scientists have real concerns and believe that have a valid position, they should present them like adults and not a millennial brat who is afraid of direct conflict resolution. Actually, the same could be said for the President.

  • No, this will not be effective.

    The rouge government scientists who are launching their own unofficial Twitter account to defy President Trump will not be very effective. Trump is a master at using social media and commanding massive media attention. Trump can easily quiet any dissenters in the government. These scientists should stick to their jobs instead of Twitter.

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