Sales of George Orwell's "1984" surge after Kellyanne Conway's 'alternative facts'. Is George Orwell's book applicable to the world today?

  • Yes, his book is applicable.

    George Orwell's book, "1984" is applicable to our world today. The term, Alternative Facts, coined by Orwell, was recently used by Kellyanne Conway. Much of the book, "1984" centers around a strong central government closely monitoring its citizens. That is what we may end up with from the Trump administration.

  • George Orwell's book is applicable today

    Alternative facts are meant to distract us from the truth. If we allow them to influence us then we can be controlled easily. The Trump administration is a master at altering facts to make people believe their agenda. No one in their right mind can listen to Trump or his cronies and believe anything they say.

  • Yes, so much applicable.

    every time you open Orwell, there is a flash of illumination, of acute contemporary value. Why is the EU in its present, possibly terminal crisis? Because "India is potentially a nation", Orwell wrote more than 65 years ago, "as Europe, with its smaller population and great racial homogeneity, is not", and all attempts since to make Europe "a nation" have been self-defeating. So, yes, Orwell does matter, today as much as ever. He once wrote that Anatole France was not really a socialist but a radical, as could be seen quite simply in "his passion for liberty and intellectual honesty". Orwell must have known that he was writing about himself.

  • Yes, it is applicable.

    History repeats itself and if it doesn't we can at least learn from historical events, the same applies to books. Books such as those of George Orwell's will never be outdated, ardent readers will always refer to this books and even quote them as was the case with Kellyanne Conway who used the term 'alternative facts' from the book '1984'.

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