"Seinfeld" is not for children. Do you agree?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • It's not that bad

    Seinfeld isn't any worse than what most kids already watch. Compared to Family Guy, King of the Hill and other T.V. shows kids watch these days, Seinfeld isn't really that bad. Sure there is some inappropriate humor, but overall it's no worse than How I Met Your Mother and/or Friends. In my opinion if a parent thinks their child shouldn't watch it then block it. We have the technology! Anyway that is just my opinion, but of course everyone has their own views on how bad a show is or isn't.

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Adam2 says2013-12-28T02:10:37.947
I love this show, now, but it's not a show for the kids. Lol
Adam2 says2013-12-28T02:14:26.660
There are so many explicit moments that they managed to get away with on TV, that they were not supposed to. Lol
Like the busboy hurling the f-word (which they left uncensored) after hurling Spanish profanity ("The Busboy")
George saying "jerk off" ("The Heart attack")
George saying "You must have a good story, otherwise it's simply just masturbation" ("The Pitch")
The gang talking about orgasms ("The Mango")
George complaining about a waitress giving her the finger (and they leave it uncut too, "The Pledge Drive").
There's more.
And when it's not explicit moments, it's still mature humor (though the mango episode might be more mature humor than explicit content). LMAO
This is not for kids. Lol