• "Friends" feels like a godda-n minstrel show. And "Seinfeld" is the best TV show ever!

    Yes for "Seinfeld," no for "friends". "Seinfeld" is also clearly better. No offense, but those guys on "Friends" are shown for who they really are on "Seinfeld" -- via Newman and other KKK characters. Anyways, "Seinfeld" is funny. "Friends" just gets preachy and arrogant. Those douchebags annoy me as well. Reminds me of the types I had to deal with for most of my life. And another thing that annoys me is the hypocrisy behind the criticism. I'm Puerto Rican, and people call "Seinfeld" racist cause of the flag burning, when I'm sure "Friends" had episodes tend times racist. This criticism is almost paramount to when they used to call people of German ancestry Nazis.

  • Friends for me.

    Friends feels more up to date with the modern day TV shows, even though it started back in the 90's. Seinfeld though is for the older audience who enjoys watching the shows that remind them more of the older 90's. To me Friends progesses more and adds more depth to the characters.

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