"Should all drugs, including marijuana, be illegal in the U.S.?"

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  • No, not all drugs need heavy regulation.

    Yes, drugs are harmful to your health and some people have heavy addictions to them. There are some that, through age restrictions and specific channels to obtain them, should be legal. People will always buy alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. Clearly, Prohibition did not work. These should be legal and the tax money should be used to get our states out of debt. There would be no debt problems if the states just made marijuana legal.

  • No, legalization is the best path

    Keeping drugs illegal leads to a lot of negative effects, including high legal costs and dangerous drugs on the market. Legalizing drugs allows the government to tax the products for revenue while regulating the quality of the drugs and who can purchase them. This makes it much safer for people to partake. People are going to do drugs anyway, so it makes sense to legalize, tax and regulate them.

  • Most drugs should be legal

    The so called war on drugs is a huge waste of money. The constant costs and efforts of law enforcement eats up a lot of tax dollars and has proved ineffective over multiple decades. While not all drugs should be legal under all circumstances, decriminalizing them or allowing them to be legal can provide a source of tax revenue instead of cost.

  • All drugs should not be illegal in the U.S.

    Although some drugs are definitely very addictive and dangerous, it does not make sense to illegalize all drugs because of it. In the particular case of marijuana, there is little evidence to suggest that it is either addictive or detrimental to your health. Additionally, prescription and over-the-counter medications are also drugs. If they were outlawed, then many sick people would have no way to get better. It simply does not make sense for all drugs to be illegal in the U.S.

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