• Investing in the Dow Jones carries less risk than many other options.

    Although the Dow Jones are only a small number of companies compared to the thousands that are publicly traded, they represent a wide range of market areas and include only companies that have shown long term sustainability. Because of this, the financial risk of investment is substantially lower than with many other options. Americans should use investments in the Dow Jones as part of a larger portfolio.

  • Yea i guess so

    If someone is investing and wants to invest, a company that has jumped 400 points is most likely a good company to invest in. Of course it may fluctuate, but isn't that the point of the stock market, it's really like a guessing game and figuring out who is steady and who isn't.

  • Dow Jones is Good Investment

    Americans should invest in the Dow Jones as part of their financial life. If Americans diversify their money, then they have the best shot of a good return. It is difficult to talk about American business and not mention the Dow Jones. The Dow Jones is a trusted index that has been a large part of business for many years.

  • Yes, I think believe that Americans should invest in the Dow Jones.

    Yes, I strongly believe that Americans should invest their money in the Dow Jones. I think with a little bit of practice and some reading that it can be mastered. The more money that is put in, the more chance of a great pay out for some people. I think that now is the perfect time with the recent upswing.

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