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  • China should reverse its one child policy.

    The one child policy in China creates several problems. First of all, if families have more than one child, it can lead to extreme actions such as killing the child or exporting him or her to a foreign country. Second, it creates a situation where there is a dwindling work force in China and fewer young adults to take care of aging parents.

  • China's one child policy seems practical but is simply inhumane.

    While the reasoning behind China's one child policy makes a certain twisted sense - China's cities suffer from overpopulation - The reality is that the one child policy becomes an excuse for parents to abort girls in order to retain family lineage. This is a women's-rights outrage, and China needs to find another solution to the problem of overpopulation.

  • Yes, China should reverse its one child policy.

    Chinese law generally limits a family to one child. The net effect of this policy is a significant number of abortions in the country, impacting a larger percentage of unborn female babies. Due to the inequitable impact of the law on unborn female children, the policy should be abandoned by the Chinese government.

  • China's one child policy is very complex from an American perspective.

    It is very difficult for most Americans to understand China's one child policy because the Chinese government provides many supplements to parents who are raising a child that American families do not receive. Looking at the situation from a capitalist perspective, it is easy to say that parents should be able to choose how many children they have. In a communist society where the government foots a hefty part of the bill, however, having lots of children would eventually become too cost prohibitive to continue. So it does not make sense for China's government to reverse the one child policy.

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