: Should Immigrants be allowed to live according to their individual customs and beliefs? What are the implications for a country?

Asked by: ashleykwong
  • Why can't they?

    As long as what they do isn't hurting anyone and they are here LEGALLY then do whatever they want, its america people, land of the free and home of the brave. Stop putting up rules against people who are following them! If they are here legally then you can practice your beliefs and customs.

  • Of course they can.

    Now, let's offer a reasonable conditional. If six hundred muslims migrated to a small town in West Virginia and then tried to force the rest of the town not to eat Haram meat, or to seperate their churches from where they wanted to put mosques, that would be absurd. I'd sent them right on back to where they came from. But as long as people want to be who they are without harming or affecting other people, that's entirely fine.

  • Sometimes, a bit of diversity is a good thing.

    I think everyone should be able to practise whatever religion or cultural customs they wish, given that they aren't hurting anybody with them and are also respecting the cultures and attitudes of the country they currently live in. As long as people are willing to obey the law, I can't see why we shouldn't let people practise aspects of their culture outside their home country.

  • Only if their beliefs doesn't hurt anyone

    Practicing some kinda of religion or a way of thinking however, people who are afraid of losing their culture shouldn't be because culture doesn't end it just develops and improves by diversity and that's a good thing because it allows people to accept other no matter what culture religion thoughts the other human has

  • Our country, our rules.

    To privately practice your religion, or even set up areas to meet to practice with others, is not a horrible thing. However imposing your religion on the country you immigrate to is ridiculous.

    Look at Iran, for example. If I went there and wore the Star of David, I'd probably be stoned to death. And that's simply for expressing my religion, not even imposing it or trying to get others to conform to it. Although that wouldn't happen in developed countries like America or Canada, trying to turn another country into your home country (or something of the sort) is not acceptable, especially if your country is unaccepting and violent toward practically everyone.

  • Where is the line?

    If we keep accepting things just because they follow someones religious view, then why was it ever wrong? We have specific rules for a very good reason and changing them because someone believes they have the right to do that is wrong. There are some examples that due to common sense break my opinion. But if they really want to live out their religion, without being offensive, they can live it in their homeland. It is not your right to live in a certain country, and if you do get accepted, you have to follow that countries law, not force them to accept your ways because its your "right".

  • But also yes...

    Hear me out. Freedom to believe and live according to your own customs and cultural norms is great in theory but in some ways it is incredibly insulting to the country that you have chosen to live in.
    I'm from Canada, and we have a lot of cultural diversity but we also have a problem with segregation and destruction of culture. What I mean by this is that I have been told personally and on more than half a dozen occasions that my culture (4th generation Canadian) Doesn't exist and there for should not be respected. Instead, the immigrants who are moving in are buying up land, bulldozing the existing housing to put up mega mansions (altering existing neighborhoods), cutting down the surrounding trees (some that have been there for than 50+ years), changing street signs to their foreign language, taking over franchises and businesses (changing advertisement and signage into their native language), conducting business in their native language, and in the case of public services and food industry hiring only individuals that can communicate in that language.
    I could go on but I hope you get the point.
    Cultural diversity is great, with respect, if I wanted to live in another country I would immigrate there. They Immigrated here, perhaps they could show some respect and not change this country into the one they chose to leave.
    On that note, Trying to usurp the law and instill another (sharia law) is more indicative of a passive invasion, not immigration and amalgamation.

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