Should kids be permitted to choose whatever clothes they want to wear outside of school?

  • They need freedom

    Parents can have a say like that’s to reveling or that’s not appropriate for this event things like that but not go and pick out the clothes all the way to the hair pin I’m 15 and my dad tells me what he thinks of my outfit if I ask him it’s important for kids and teens to have a way of expressing themselves

  • Trusting helps a lot

    More parents need to trust their children more as the children will feel depressed becuase that their parents don't even trust them to buy thier own out of school clothes.I am 12 yrs old and my mum trusts me to buy sensible clothes a.All you need is to show a some trust.

  • Guidance Is Key

    At 7 years of age I have allowed my son to pick out his own clothes to wear both at school and outside of school. There have been a few times when he has made decisions that didn't look proper and he was asked to change and we explained why his selections were not proper. Overall, it's been pretty straight forward and it's caused little problems. I believe it is fine to let children pick their clothes as long as they receive guidance when they need it.

  • Very Inappropriate clothes

    Children can wear inappropriate clothes .Than can ashame their family or school .They might get zero respect and they might get bullied and get problems with everything. Children might get stress or psychological problems with life and they can kill or injure themselves. This is why children should not be permitted to choose whatever clothes they want outside of school.

  • Because they will choose in appropriate clothes

    Statistics show that 53% percent of children and teens choose inappropriate clothing that’s why parents should choose clothes for them also children will embarepass Thais parents if they wear inappropriate clothing also it takes a long time to choose clothes and most children don’t have so much time this is why

  • Why they should

    Wow. Simply wow. Kids need to wear what they want because they will feel embarrassed when their friends are wearing the clothing they want but their parents will not let them wear it and they may get teased. I didn't get to wear what I wanted in childhood and I got teased, so yeah.

  • Up to Parents

    Until a child either becomes liberated or turns 18, it is up to parents to determine what their children should wear outside of a school setting. Although there are no dress codes aside from anti-nudity laws, kids should be dressed appropriately for the weather and in good taste. It's up to the parent or guardian to determine what children wear in public.

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