"Should there be an exception for Women that want to do abortion or No, Cause all kind of abortion is wrong"?

Asked by: Asehowl
  • EXcuse me this isnt your business

    This is a very personal issue first learn to speak and write de englisee kipish? It really isnt any of your business is it you are not the one carrying this parasite around in your stomach for 9 months, If men got pregnant the second amendment would not be about guns, It would be about abortion

  • Yes there should.

    Rape is not an excuse if you really got raped. If you got raped, And got pregnant. . . You can definitely got an abortion, No one can denied that.
    Pregnant cause of rape is definitely unintentionally so yes, If you choose to give up you can have an abortion.
    If you want to give the child you just give birth to the adoption center cause you know you can't take care of em' that's fine.

    But before you give birth, There is this 9 months that only mother know how it feel. Are these women that got raped ready to get back pain for several week because how big the belly is? Are these women ready to be nauseous from time to time? Are these women ready to gamble her life for another life that she is not planned on making it? Are these women able to do this without hating the child in her womb knowing that is a child of a person that RAPED her?

    If she is ready. . . . Then good news, You're free of choosing to abort the child.
    If you are not, Then let me tell you. . . I would tell her to abort the child, Rather than have her giving birth to a child she hate knowing that it has been giving her pain for 9 months and knowing that its a child that she didn't planned to have. . . . A child of rape. And for the child, Either they become aborted. . . . Or knowing that the mother hate em' the moment the kid was born. Or not because the people working at the adoption center don't tell em the truth, And living his/her filled with lies.

  • If you're going to live in someone else's body, At least have their permission.

    If you don't want something living inside of you, Then it can't live inside you. Unfortunately, In the case of pregnancy, The fetus dies. You can have the right to live AFTER you can actually live without another actual human being's physical body. An existing person's rights are more important than a not fully developed person's.

  • People shouldn't be forced to have a child.

    With all the ways your partner can be irresponsible and rape victims, There are a lot of cases which aborting should be okay.
    No one should be forced to give birth to a child who they can't take care of correctly. The child shouldn't even gave to go trough all of that, And with families forcing woman to bare children when they have been raped or tricked just make that kids life painful. Parents get prepared for a family, And try to maintain it functional and caring.
    Even of the baby is given in adoption, This much less means it'll be happy.
    In the first weeks the fetus can't be considered a baby since it doesn't really think or live in that moment, Like a shell is being made. Between that period you are not killing anything, Since it's still not alive.

    Posted by: Zech
  • Moral, Ethical and past generation issue

    The bible talks about how people sacrificed their children to moloch and how it displeased God. No one who believes the bible should do it.

    It is murder of a life that has done no evil in the world, You take it upon yourself to determine what should live or die simply because it was in your belly? You are not God nor is the child your own.

    Past generations gave their life to have children, They died during child birth so that some of your parents today could give birth to you. They have understanding of life that is born has more potential than life already existing.

  • You can't just kill people.

    Abortion is completely wrong. As soon as the egg has been fertilised, A separate DNA is created. This menas it is separate to the mother. You should not be able to kill another life out of convenience.

    No-one is saying you have to keep the baby, There are many families that will adopt the baby before it is even born. You can also have an open adoption where the birth mother and father can visit the baby although it is being raised by other parents.

    If a woman is raped, Why should the baby have to pay for the crimes of its father. If the baby has down syndrome, Since when is it ok to kill someone because they have a disability. If the mother will literally die of she gives birth to the baby, Then that is the only circumstance a termination is ok.

  • Abortion is the only type of murder still legal.

    I wouldn't say that all abortion is wrong because the only time it should be ok is when the mother has to go in for life-saving surgery and an abortion is their only option. Other than that abortion is the killing of an innocent life that could have been avoided.

  • Murdering babies since when is that okay

    There isn’t an exception as first of all killing a baby ain’t gonna give a woman more freedom. This is just a leftist lie. Just cause you aren’t ready to have a baby doesn’t mean you have to kill it. The argument about this being her business. This is so wrong because she isn’t causing harm to herself but to the baby who just incase you didn’t know was anothor person

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