"Smart" clothes: are technology-compatible fashions really the wave of the future?

  • Yes, "smart" clothes will soon become nearly as common as smartphones

    Anyone who doubts that so-called "smart" clothes will soon become a hot commodity among average consumers simply needs to think back to when Apple released its first iPhone. At the time, then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer famously laughed at the idea that consumers would pay hundreds of dollars for a phone that could surf the internet, when they could just continue to do so on their computers at home. Obviously, Ballmer turned out to be dead wrong, and as software developers continue to find interesting and useful ways for "smart" clothes to integrate with the computers in our cars, phones, and new environments like our thermostats and home security systems, the eventual spread of tech-savvy fashion will become the latest hot trend.

  • I agree that "smart" clothes are the wave of the future.

    The integration of technology into the clothing we wear is a natural path in the progression of technology in our world. Smart watches, shirts that take our blood pressure and check our heart rates while we exercise and provide instant feedback, either on a smart watch or heads up display on our glasses is already a reality.

  • Yes, I think they are going to to be

    I think that society is so technology driven that smart clothes will definitely be a part of our future. I think it might take a few years for it to catch on and for the prices to go down but can see people buying them. I definitely would never buy any but can picture it will eventually be a big fad.

  • Nah, it's lame:

    Technology is awesome until it's cumbersome and this is where it gets cumbersome. Who wants charge a jacket or have solar panels on a shirt? Nah. I mean anything of "the future" people can think of is really sort of now; we already have clothing specifically designed to monitor your vitals and whatnot.

  • Smart clothes are not the future.

    I do not believe that technology-compatible fashions have a large place in our future. Technology is great do not get me wrong but we need to be able to disconnect for that technology some times and if we are wearing it there is no disconnection and for some of us that is just to much.

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