(Straight guy) Should I tell my lesbian friend I have strong feelings for her?

Asked by: Cantsleep
  • Why shouldn't you?

    Assuming that the two of you are close friends who have known each other for a while, I see nothing that can go wrong as long as you communicate your feelings to her in a polite and respectful way. Who hates getting compliments? But if you haven't known each other for very long or if you are expecting a romantic relationship from her after you tell her your feelings, then telling your feelings isn't such a good idea. It really depends on her past and personality along with how close your friendship is, but overall you should tell her your feelings as long as you understand that she can't return them.

  • You could ...

    Homosexuality is a touchy subject but if you really have feelings for her I am sure you can work something out. She could turn out to be bi (has sex with male and female) which would mean you could date. It really depends if she has feelings for you and she is single.

  • You could actually be helping her.

    If you tell her you are in live with her she might actually be attracted to you, hence saving her from a miserable lifestyle, so in all actuality you really are helping her no matter what, often times girls become like that because guys don't ever ask them out, and if she does not like you, you can just move on.

  • You can change her

    Lesbians are a myth and we all know it. They are experiencing unnatural feelings because the devil has infiltrated their thoughts. It was a well known fact that men have been documented to have changed "lesbian" women back to straightness where they belong. Just tell her you love her, and that will make her instantly attracted to you, men can change lesbians its a fact.

  • I'm just not sure.

    We're really close friends and she's been struggling a lot with men hitting on her in the past (everything from random dicpics to 'my dick can turn you straight'). It's not a sexual thing, I just want something more committing than a friendship. I have no idea what to do.

  • Not not at all.

    Better you should choose a girl who matches your sexual orientation (straight). Everyone has their sexual orientation which can't be changed. Ok I am asking you a question from which you could definitely get your answer. Tell me if a gay men have strong feelings for you will you accept him????? As you have mentioned you are straight what will you do ??????.

  • She is Lesbian

    I'm one of those people who think homosexuality can come and go, so it might be possible that one day she can be open to liking men. But as of right now, she is lesbian, and therefore it is deadly territory to cross into. How would you like it if one of your guy friends said they are homo and like you?

  • Think about it.

    If you're saying that she's been struggling with men hitting on her, then it's pretty obvious the last thing she'd want is you hitting on her, especially as someone who she clearly feels safe enough to tell these things. So if you wanna keep your friend, keep it behind the zipper buddy.

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Swagnarok says2017-04-11T17:13:16.703
Nope, I wouldn't advise it.