"Street Outlaws" star "Daddy Dave" injured in accident: Should drag racing be outlawed?

  • Celebrity injured while drag racing: Should drag racing be outlawed for the sake of the innocent public.

    Yes, Drag racing should be outlawed on public streets, not for the sake of the driver but for the sake of the public. If you want to drag race and put your own life in danger go ahead, but don't put the public in danger because you chose to do something stupid. If you want to drag race you should visit a place built specifically for drag racing.

  • Yes, drag racing is dangerous

    Yes, I believe drag racing should be outlawed. It might seem fun for the drivers, but it can have deadly consequences. The drivers could potentially be killed after hitting a hard surface, and it could also be fatal to other drivers who happen to just be passing by. Speed limits exist for a reason. People who drive exceptionally fast lose control over the ability to slow down, and it gives them less time to prepare for things like oncoming traffic or objects that appear before they notice them. Just obey the law, and you will be safe.

  • No, drag racing should not be outlawed, just practiced safely.

    Drag racing should not be outlawed because it is like other car racing sports, the participants accept the risk of what they are participating in. If you chose to outlaw drag racing you would have to outlaw all car racing, which would take away a large amount of entertainment and global income.

  • Prohibition of Sports is short-sighted

    Although the footage of the drag race accident involving Daddy Dave is visceral and difficult to watch it would be foolhardy to jump to the conclusion from this that all dangerous sports or races should be outlawed. Doing so would only have the same effect as trying to prohibit alcohol - driving it underground. By hiding such endeavours form the public eye we do little toe discourage them, instead we force them further and further away from legislation or safety.

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