"Teen Mom OG": Is Farrah Abraham the mature one (yes) or are the other three cast members (no)?

  • She's the best of a bad bunch.

    None of the women on Teen Mom are particularly mature but Farrah is correct that it is none of Maci's concern what she chooses to do for a career and she's definitely right that she shouldn't moralise about how it may affect her home life, doing so is petty and sanctimonious and not befitting of a grown woman.

  • Farrah, Farrah, Farrah

    Farrah Abraham is in a feud with her co-star Bookout, presently arguing about being in adult video. This disagreement will go nowhere. Meanwhile, the children are the mature individuals. The comments they make regarding being engaged in adult video are straightforward facts. It is beyond the time for Farrah Abraham to act her age.

  • Difficult to call anyone mature

    I do not believe Farrah Abraham is a very mature individual. The other three cast members all have their quirks but I often times find myself looking more highly on them. Farrah continues to make bad choices in day to day decisions and in the way she conducts herself. It is apparent that she is not very mature.

  • Farrah Abraham of "Teen Mom OG" is living in her own "mature" fantasy land.

    In my opinion, though Farrah Abraham of "Teen Mom OG" feels that of the four main cast members she is the "mature" one, I feel she is sadly mistaken. I do not feel it is immature in any way that Maci chooses to keep her impressionable son out of the range of former porn film participant Farrah if that is how Maci chooses to parent him.

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