"The Fault in Our Stars" weeper of a love story: Is "The Fault in our Stars" the "Love Story" of this time?

  • Such a good movie

    The saddest part is that this most likely actually happens to people. I kind of feel like it should be illegal to make a movie this sad. Really I cried my eyes out! I was fine when I read the book, but I lost it when I saw the movie, even my friend cried and he is a guy! This is definantly like the titanic of out century.

  • Very well could be.

    I am somewhat familiar with "The Fault in Our Stars" and while I don't think it's Romeo and Juliet, times have certainly changed in the world and it could be our generations version of "Love Story". I think these days people, especially younger, want a different approach and less "corny" story.

  • Yes, This is Our Generation's Defining Love Story

    I think "The Fault in our Stars" will be a movie that will stand the test of time. It is a great date-night movie and there hasn't been a real blockbuster love story since "The Notebook". I believe that "The Fault in our Stars" is a movie we're going to be hearing about for a long time.

  • Just another movie.

    No, The Fault in Our Stars is not the Love Story of this time, because movies are a dime a dozen anymore. Hazel and Gus are just the two latest characters, similar to Twilight, or the Hunger Games, they will come and go. If anything is the love story of this time, it is The Notebook.

  • Fault in Our Stars overrated

    The Fault In Our Stars is just another tedious and trashy romance novel. The only thing that sets it apart is the fact that the two young lovers are dying of cancer. This in itself does not make a good book and it certainly does not make this novel the Love Story of this time. There are plenty more novels about young love out there and this does not distinguish itself from any of the others by the quality of its writing or characterisations which are very ordinary indeed.

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