"The Flash" season finale: Are there too many comic book shows and movies?

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  • Comic books equals Hollywood success

    With in the last few years, we've seen a rise in the amount of comic book shows and movies. Beloved superheroes such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ironman, and The Flash have gotten their own movies or TV shows. Each year, a new superhero movie comes out and add in the recent success of shows such as The Flash and Arrow, the comic book craze in Hollywood continues. Some may argue that there's too many comic book shows and movies, but what they don't realize is comic books are very popular. The action and fantasy aspects of these comic books is what draws fans in and thanks to Hollywood a new generation of fans are emerging. A movie or a TV show helps bring viewers into the comic book world to learn more about these superheroes. As long as the popularity of comic books continues, there'll still be plenty of more movies and show to be made.

  • Comic books are a good source for material

    If its not broke why fix it. Comic book characters seem to be a great source for TV and films. That seems to have been the case for quite awhile now. Years go we had the Superman TV series which starred George Reeves and the original Batman Series starring Adam West. Then in the seventies there was The Wonder Woman series with Linda Carter. These can be a hit or miss but comic books and superheroes seem to have always been a good source of material for TV and films.

  • No, there are not too many comic book shows and movies.

    I don't think there are too many shows or movies based on comic books. A vast majority of the movies that have been produced are based off of books, so the natural progression would be to create movies on comic books. It's a profitable market, and fans of a comic book are likely to see a movie based off of it.

  • Comic book shows and movies are very popular

    No, I don't think there are too many comic book television shows and movies. The simple truth is there is a viewing audience for these themes so the entertainment industry will continue to produce them. When the market no longer is calling for them then it can be said there are too many but they all are finding an audience at this point.

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