'The New Edition Story' treats the boy band with the respect it deserves: Are boy bands relevant to the modern music scene?

  • Yes they are

    They're cool, fresh, and catchy especially one direction. I really don't like how everyone calls boy bands gay like that's messed up i didn't hear anybody calling Destiny's Child lesbians so why is it right to call boy bands gay? Society is just looking for news just trying to find a way to keep their jobs by bringing talented celebrities down! I dare anyone to challenge me and say Harry Styles isn't talented

  • Yes, I think so.

    The group’s importance, as a crucial bridge between the foundational acts of the 1960s (think the Beatles and Jackson 5) and today’s tightly managed merchandising machines, is an established fact among fans and fellow artists like Bruno Mars, who channeled New Edition’s bright mid-’80s sound on last year’s “24K Magic.” But not unlike Puerto Rico’s Menudo, New Edition — which spawned the careers of Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill and the spinoff group Bell Biv DeVoe — hasn’t always received the mainstream recognition it deserves, in large part because its members weren’t white.
    Redressing that injustice feels like the worthy goal of “The New Edition Story,” a painstaking three-night miniseries premiering Tuesday on BET that traces the group’s long journey from Boston’s housing projects to the top of the charts. With close attention paid to every pivotal moment and creative breakthrough — not to mention each instance of internal friction — the biopic treats New Edition as seriously as “8 Mile” and “Walk the Line” do their more widely respected subjects. (It’s not hard to imagine that the success of 2015’s “Straight Outta Compton” helped clear this movie’s path.)

  • Boy bands will always be relevant.

    As long as there are teenagers, boy bands will continue to be relevant. The simplistic beats, elaborate dance routines and the happy lyrics will always appeal to those leaving their childhoods. Each generation has their own favorite boy bands and those bands hold special places in the hearts and memories of millions, which keeps the band relevant forever.

  • They are popular.

    Most teenagers can tell you who the hit boy bands of the moment are. Most adults can tell you who the hit boy bands were of their day. Boy bands are very popular with their age groups. Many of them are actually great singers if you listen to them without all of the extra sound effects.

  • Boy bands are as irrelevant as tv commercials

    Boy bands are put together by greedy producers who look for physical qualities before looking for musical talent, since that can be electronically added. Boy bands don't need to sing or play instruments or write songs. They simply perform, like young male models. They are untalented and unimportant to music history.

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