“There’s no such thing as forgiveness. People just have short memories.” Do you agree?

Asked by: Black_Cap
  • There cant be as there is no evidents to support forgiveness

    When you fight with someone the past always comes back there for no forgiveness as you cant let it go as you still feel anger towards the ones you feel did wrong to you.
    Honestly no one has ever truly forgiven the ones that they feel did wrong to them.
    So yes people have shorter memories but no there is no such thing as forgiveness.

  • It's only a mater of time before you'll forget

    If someone were to bring up a wrong done to you, how would you feel about it? The honesty deep within the cell of our hearts is that we would still feel the arch pain that came with such a memory. We don't truly forgive because we can't... We just forget about it. You'd be lying if you said a wrong done to you didn't change the dynamic between you and the wrong doer. That stuff stick with you, and it hurts and aches within you. That is, until you inevitably move into the future. Not because you forgave them, but because you forgot.

  • Forgiveness Don't Work!

    The liberal world will tell you we should forgive, and forget. This way of justice is definitely broken. Have a look at the crime rate in other third world countries. The countries that will cut your hand off for stealing, or tie you up and let the whole community beat you for rape. Tell me how many people you see walking around with a hand missing, not many huh? Forgiveness is what is wrong with the world today, justice has failed us all.

  • There can be no mercy

    When ever you hurt someone, people will stop at nothing to get you back. There are no second chances. Sometimes you cannot even forgive yourself to save your life. If you ever live like that, you will think about that moment for ever. It sucks, but there can be no mercy

  • Honestly forgiving someone is hard

    Essentially it boils down to if you honestly forgive someone to yourself. It's all well and good to say you forgive and that person might feel better, but deep down inside, it's not a completely logical decision. After time has passed, you forget how much the issue inconvenienced or hurt you and you get over it. Does getting over something the same as honestly forgiving? I'll say no and therefore yes to the question

  • Of corse you can forgive

    Forgiving someone is the only way you can set yourself free from the feeling of being slighted. If it wasn't true than this world would have ended a long time ago for the human race. Some people may not agree with my opinion on that, but that's ok. I forgive you.

  • Forgiving someone is different from forgetting what they did.

    You can forget a past wrong without forgiving it. If you were reminded of it, you'd still bear a grudge. However, because of the perspective of time, you might realize that you were more angry than you had to be, because the issue seems much more trivial now.

    You can also forgive someone without ever forgetting how they hurt you. Forgiving isn't letting something slide. It's not trivializing the issue. It's not accepting the behavior as right. Forgiving is the act of releasing yourself from your need to take revenge. You can do this long before you've forgotten the issue or let it become smaller in your mind.

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