"Too big to fail": Should the government limit the economy's reliance on financial institutions?

  • Nothing should be "too big to fail".

    Never again should the government have to bail out large financial institutions because they would ruin the economy if they failed. The government needs to take measures to protect companies, but then work on splitting them up and making them small enough so theat if they do fail, they can fail without ruining the economy.

  • Megabanks are dangerous

    Financial institutions are necessary to aid business development and the economy generally, however it is dangerous for a banking system to be overly dependent on a few massive firms. The biggest banks in this country are so huge, they distort the market for smaller institutions, and thus make the banking system worse: more unstable and more corrupt. Several of these institutions would not even have survived the crash without government help, and if this government help is not going to be given to smaller banks, why should it be given to larger banks?

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