Under God in the American Pledge of Allegiance: Would removing "under God" end the controversy?

  • The Words "Under God" Should Be Removed from the Pledge of Allegiance

    As an atheist, I have always refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance because of the words "Under God" which directly go against my belief system. The United States is a secular society with freedom of religion, so a reference to a specific faith has no place in any national pledge or on any government property, money or anything government sponsored. Removal of the words "Under God" would end this argument because that is the only issue - that in order to say the pledge, any person that is not of an Abrahamic faith is required to violate their belief system or religion.

  • It will never end

    No because the minute that they remove under god from the pledge of allegiance then everyone that is fighting to keep it in will go ballistic. You think it is bad now while the agnostic people are trying to accomplish something. Wait till you get a group of people who thinks that god is on their side.

  • It might make things worse. Us Christians need to stand up for God!

    It can make things worse because Christians like me would do anything for God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Without God we are nothing. We can't just take out laws because someone has a hatred towards another group. Atheists should just accept it, it's been here for 60 years, there is no point in taking it out now.

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