"Urinating" weatherman: Does social media blow stories way out of proportion?

  • Yes the media blows stories way out of proportion.

    I was recently just speaking about this with someone last week, I do think that social media blows stories way our of proportion and I don't really understand why... All because they want more "likes" and "shares"..? That's not what it should be about... How about sharing real stories that make people feel good!

  • Social Media is the new Hysteria

    It is hard to tell is social media hype is the cause or the effect. Are we all so designed now to take pictures and videos of everything we see in order to show it to our friends and our social network? Having said that, should a weatherman, or anyone else for that matter, be urinating where someone can see him and record him?

  • Yes, social media does blow stories way out of proportion.

    In an age of digital media where the technology allows for a near infinite stream of new news events, it is perhaps inevitable that media outlets will begin to make ever larger stretches to try and make nothing into a story. This event is a classic case of that phenomenon. Upon watching the video again now, it's not at all hard to believe that the weatherman was indeed using his phone as the network has now claimed. Twitter and the rest of the digital media sphere just needed a new story, that's all.

  • No, the social media's readers interprete the stories however they will

    Social media has a bad reputation. I believe they are doing their job and writing stories to provoke thought. Some people are entertained by a "urinated" weatherman. Those readers that think its a waste of time should not bash social media from reported it. They should not read it! If you don't like the title then don't read it!

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