Was Megan Trainor and John Legend's duet performance one of the best in music history?

  • Megan Trainor and John Legend - The saga of body chemistry

    Meghan Trainor and John Legend both have fabulous voices, however you may be amazed at how lovely they are as a team. They collaborated for a two part harmony of their melody, "Similar to I'm Gonna Lose You," off Trainor's presentation collection, Title. This is the ideal melody for individuals who may be somewhat worn out on Trainor's greater hits like "Lips Are Movin'" and "About That Bass." It's a moderate song, and yet so delightful.

  • I don't think so

    You do know how long music has been around right? It's hard to classify anything as one of the best in music history when music has been around since the dawn of civilization. Maybe you could say in the history of televised performances to narrow it down a little bit.

  • No, it was not

    Megan Trainor and John Legend's duet? *Sigh*. First, John is actually a decent artist and singer but greatly overrated. Meghan Trainor is a talentless human being who uses stupid feminist views to get listeners and sell songs/albums. I'm not saying feminism in general is stupid, but her interpretations and usages are horrendous and make pretty much no sense. She panders to Idiocracy. Anything including Meghan Trainor should not be considered the greatest anything. She is just awful.

  • Megan and John do not fit the bill.

    Today's artists such as those created in the like's of Megan Trainor and John Legend are in my opinion, severely overated and completely lacking in the very essence of what the term "talent" really describes as a truly artistic ability. This is typical of the cookie cutter fabricated "artists" of today.

  • John Legend is overvalued

    John Legend is overvalued. I don't like his music, so any duet he did is not to my liking either. John Legend is not a bad singer, but his genre is totally not my thing. So to me, the duet was not even enjoyable -- although Legend and Trainor are highly talented.

  • It was mediocre at best

    The Megan Trainor and john Legend duet was mediocre at best. They are middling singers as solos and not much better together. Pretty much any duet with Tony Benet was better than this duet. Megan Trainor is a one hit wonder and John Legend is a nice singer but not a superstar.

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