"Wealth" Psychologists: Can they make the ultra-rich who feel guilty about their good fortune get rid of their guilt?

  • Some people may not be able to handle coming into wealth suddenly

    When a person receives an inheritance or gets lucky and wins a lottery, he may not have the mental strength to handle his success or understand what to do with it. This person may even feel guilty that he gets to lead a nice life while others don't. In this case, wealth psychologists are useful because they can help that person lead a more fulfilling life.

  • Yes, psychologists can help the ultra-rich get rid of their guilt

    Psychologists are trained to manipulate anyone's feelings as long as they have the trust of the person. If a wealthy person is feeling guilt about that wealth, there are a number of mental exercises any psychologist could suggest to alleviate the guilt. However, deep down, the wealthy person knows that giving it away would get rid of all the guilt.

  • It's a different perspective

    Usually the only input the rich get about themselves and their wealth is from other rich people they are around all the time, be it friends or family. A therapist can help wealthy people look at themselves in a different way, and maybe help them determine ways they can use their wealth to get rid of guilt.

  • Wealth Psychologists can Help Talk it Through

    Speaking to a wealth psychologist can help someone who is feeling guilty about their good fortune get rid of their guilt by allowing them to discuss the core reasoning behind their guilt and allow them to discuss options to alleviate the guilt. Giving a person a judgement free open ear to speak to can help anyone work through any issues, including the mega rich. A solution can be agreed upon to work out different ways to help relieve the burden of guilt.

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