Do you feel the stratification of American society has a positive impact on representative government?

  • Yes, stratification is necessary for every society to succeed.

    In a representative government, it is necessary for stratification to exist. If there were no socioeconomic classes, there would be no need for representation because everyone would agree on just about everything. Civil liberties would not be an issue and people would not need to be represented to have their voices heard.

  • The creation of hierarchies has the exact opposite effect.

    Stratification, or the creation of hierarchies, is the exact opposite of representation. Stratification requires wealth and privilege to be concentrated in the hands of a few in different degrees. The higher classes only need to give the lower classes representation as a means to keep them placated. The lower class has to fight to achieve this, as the wealthy won't vote to limit their privilege.

  • No, I don't think stratification is positive because there are too many divisions already.

    We already have enough lines that divide us in the United States. As a country of immigrants, we have always been clan-like enough when it comes to race and ethnicity, religion, social constructs, conservative or liberal values, and even language, just to name a few. All stratification does is form another line between classes. It's a disaster.

  • It endangers people with less income.

    The rift between socioeconomic classes widening, but government representatives tend to come from a very high socioeconomic status. Individuals from that background will have a difficult time understanding or relating to issues those who are poor, disadvantaged, disabled, etc. The further the gap widens, the less government representatives will be able to empathize with the poor, meaning agendas that favor a higher class will prevail, due to an unfair bias. This makes it even more difficult for the poor to ever escape their situation.

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