"When the two are in conflict, should developing nations give priority to environmental protection instead of to resource extraction?"

  • Environment has a direct relationship with extraction of resources

    We should protect the environment, otherwise soon there wouldn't be any environment to extract resources from. Sure, more advanced nations rely heavily upon technology. Maybe too much, so much so that we're killing our planet. We don't want the ozone layer opening up even more also, do we? So I don't see why any logical person would want to focus on resource extraction rather than the protection of the environment. Plus, preserving the environment's (though now slowly deteriorating) health would result in the earth being a less habitable place to live in more and more, so what is the use of being an advanced nation when you have earthquakes and typhoons on your country's doormat every second?

  • In developing societies, farming is typically the first step toward sustainable development.

    The ability to farm is critical to the survival of any society. Virtually all developing civilizations arise from agrarian roots. It is, therefore, preferable for developing nations to give the environment and the ecosystems on which it thrives priority over the extraction and farming of valuable resources prior to establishing a sustainable farming base.

  • Environmental protection impacts our population's long-term future.

    If nations do not give priority to environmental protection, it could have terrible impacts on the world's population in the decades to come. We would no longer have the necessary resources to be able to support the human race, and the Earth would become an even more hazardous place to live due to global warming, stronger storms, increased pollution and toxins in the atmosphere and the like.

  • No, nations should use any amount of resources to protect themselves

    During a conflict, a nation should use all of its resources to defeat the enemy. For one, it is possible that during the conflict, the enemy would purposefully destroy all of the resources to weaken the nation. Secondly, the resources become useless to the nation if it is defeated, as the enemy inherits the resources.

  • No, a developing nation should not give priority to environmental protection over resource extraction.

    When a developing nation is faced with an apparent conflict between protecting the environment and extracting vital resources, that country does not have to give priority to environmental protection at the expense of extraction. The reality is that protecting the environment and resource extraction are not inherently diametrically opposed. Even a developing nation is able to temper resource extraction with environmental protection. Because most developing nations rely upon technology provided by companies and governments from more advanced nations, they are able to utilize these tools to accomplish this balanced objective.

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