"Whiteness-Shaming": Does Portland Community College's whiteness history month seem as if it will be a positive influence on the students?

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  • Yes, Portland Community College's whiteness history month will be a positive influence on students.

    Portland Community College's whiteness history month will be a positive influence on students because history in grade school has been taught in sort of a toned down version. One effect of this is that actions taken by governing leaders, who are mostly white in Western history, do not get taught to the most accurate detail. This month might correct some of the misunderstandings about history that white Americans have based on their elementary school teachings.

  • Don't history shame me man!

    "You enslaved the Africans!" Don't history shame me man! "You massacred the Native Americans!" Don't history shame me man! "Your people nuked Hiroshima!" Don't history shame me man!
    Other races are trying to history shame white people so they can get special privileges. Sorry, but white people are on to your history shaming scam. We dismiss your complaint!

  • It is absurd

    5% of whites in america owned slaves and white abolitionists and union soldiers ended slavery in america. We should not be collectively shamed for what 5% of us did 150 years ago and what other whites fought against. Are we going to shame muslims for the barbary slave trade or 9/11? Will we shame american indians for the massacres of white settlers ? No!
    BTW whites invented a lot of what that university uses so if anything the members of the university should be thankful. Without whites there wouldn't be computers, phones, electricity ect. Whites have done more good than bad. If there is a white history month it should be about celebrating than accomplishments of whites.
    If you hate whites dont use electricity, phones, tvs or computers. People should be more appreciative.

  • No, it is not celebratory but negative and misguided.

    Other "history months" celebrate achievements of people of certain color, gender or background. Whiteness History Month does not propose to celebrate whiteness, but to remind white people of how bad they are supposed to feel by their self-appointed moral superiors. It is out of line with the declared purpose of other history or heritage months.

  • Enough Race Baiting

    No, it doesn't have a positive influence on students, because today's white students shouldn't be made to feel bad about something they can't help. White students can't help that they were born white any more than black students can help being born black. Today's black students didn't live in slavery any more than any white students had their own slaves. We should all just be Americans and stop looking at race.

  • It was meant as a wake up call but it went left

    This exercise was supposed to bring awareness of how whiteness causes a sense of entitlement in one group and isolation and discrimination in other groups. Unfortunately it took a left turn. Many think it will hurt other non-white students by inadvertently causing the same discrimination it was trying to highlight in the first place. The effort was good but it somehow is getting lost in the execution.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-01-19T21:09:24.447
Portland Community College can go get hit by a Russian/Chinese cruise missile.