"Whitey" Bulger convicted on 31 of 32 counts by a federal jury. Was this the correct verdict?

  • The verdict was correct.

    Whitey Bulger was the head of the mob in Boston and being such, it should come to no surprise to anyone that he would be capable of committing such heinous crimes. The jury found ample evidence to convict him of having some involvement in 11 murders and I tend to believe that they must have been correct.

  • Yes it was

    Yes, it was the correct verdict. Whitey Bulger is a coward that murdered for money and power and then hid himself away under an assumed identity for years instead of standing up to the charges like a real man. It is a shame that he wasn't apprehended years ago and not allowed the freedom to live a comfortable life: a freedom that he denied so many people over the years.

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