• It is going to far.

    I will say that even though it is great that we are becoming more tolerant towards people's differences as a society, The world has increasingly been restricting freedom of speech because of people being to afraid to be judged for what they believe in or to please minority crowds that are taking away free speech which is a basic human right. I think that personalities and unique perspectives could be taken away if these movements go to far. People have higher sensitivity than they did in the past and thus this has lead to political messages plaguing the media and the entertainment industry. This restriction of free expression and the censorship that will eventually be caused by this is quite worrying.

  • Their just unaccountable.

    Seems to me that personal responsibility is gone. People want to do whatever they please without any backlash. Thing is, Everyone knows it wrong so the only way to get away with it is to blame someone else. Don't blame me for my bad driving (speeding), Blame the police officer gave me the ticket. Don't blame my poor work ethic (being lazy on the job), Blame my boss for firing me. Don't blame my poor study habits, Blame my teacher/school for my poor grades. This type of behavior has become a movement. If you don't accept their rationalization on why they are not to blame, Then you must not be paying attention aka woke.
    Is there any wonder why socialism is on the rise? They claim they will give you everything for free including money. No need to be responsible at all. That the government will be responsible or accountable for your well being.

  • Millennials are too sensitive.

    The “Hashtag Woke” concept has brought up and supported many excellent points and causes. However, I’m worried that we will throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    Humor, free-speech and personality are just a few aspects of ourselves that are no longer allowed, let alone encouraged.

    Please don’t get me wrong... #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter and other Movements are completely legit and a longtime coming. But we need to be careful that we don’t swing to the other end of the spectrum because that will simply create a new set of problems that will take decades to identify and fix!

    IMO, I’m thinking that the real answer and right solution has a lot to do with Intent. I’m not sure how to quickly measure and/or easily prove a person’s intent so I’m posting here on Debate.Org to get ideas and opinions from other people who can help me figure it out or show me where I’m wrong!

    Anybody else worried that #Woke is gonna backfire?

  • Yes and only "woke" people will deny it.

    I had just learned the meaning of being "woke". It means claiming to fight for what is right, Yet contradicting the very meaning of that ideal. For example, Fighting for equal rights but denying freedom of speech and most of all, They deny facts. But then, When we tell them facts and the truth, They call us ignorant. What's really going on is they are ignorant. They commit violence etc but they blame it on everyone else. How has it gone too far? Well, Some people are being naive and believing in the whole "woke" kind of thing. Rolling back to racial discrimination is not progressive, It's the opposite. Forcing everyone to be transgender, Especially kids, That is also what "woke" people are doing. Yeah, They are targeting our kids, Not cool and last of all, Planting pride flags, Acting as if they own the world, Acting as if lgbtqis all natural when it's not and forcing everyone to be like them. So yes, They are indeed going too far by direspecting scientists, Christians, And overall, Us normies. Stop pretending to be "woke" and start being based, Start seeing the damn truth. Start opening your eyes to REALITY. There are ONLY 2 GENDERS. GENDER & AGE CANNOT BE CHANGED. HOMOSEXUALITY, TRANGENDERISM ETC ARE ALL UNNATURAL PRACTICES. CHRISTIANS ARE RIGHT. OUR ANCESTORS WERE RIGHT. STOP BEING WHO YOU ARE NOT, START BEING WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. START BEING WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE, EITHER BEING BORN AS A BIOLOGICAL MAN OR A BIOLOGICAL WOMAN AND LOVING THE OPPOSITE GENDER. True love is between a MAN and a WOMAN. LET KIDS BE KIDS AND LET THEM LEARN ABOUT PUBERTY AND ABOUT THE ATTRACTION BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN.

  • It's gone too far and it distracts people from actual issues

    The #Woke movement has devolved into an oppression Olympics where people compete on who can be the most woke and who is the most "progressive". Which then leads people to support garbage tier policies and spout off incoherent rhetoric just for them to look good.

    On top of this, People who are "woke" typically are extremely intolerant of different viewpoints and ostracize those viewpoints and people who believe in those viewpoints by using words that end in -ist or -phobe.

    There's also the fact that the woke left don't focus on real problems. Wages not keeping up with inflation, Neo-liberalism causing manufacturing to leave the US en masse, Extremely high divorce rates, The emergence of depression and suicide within men, Excessive foreign interventionism, The increasing cost of living and the inevitable crisis of automation and the consequences of that are things that the "woke" left don't care about unless they can spin it to push their agenda and make themselves look better on social media.

    The sooner this "woke" movement ends, The better.

  • You American people are so dumb

    White people are sad that they can't say the N word and that they can't step on other people like they used too.
    They are so simple minded that all they care about are antiquated weapons and the right to say racist things.
    They do not care that they are becoming dumber or fatter and have shorter life spans. And that is white Americans that I talk about not immigrants because they know better.
    Russia and China are big threats and AI and technology should be focus but know all you care about is COAL and Trucks. And Guns and Beer. And theyy are TOO DUMB to know that the dollar is falling
    But at least they have red maga hats made in china.
    I for one am learning Russian and Chinese because I know where the future is.

  • Without woke. . . . There is no wake

    Best we're analyzing reality/society ect. Than mindlessly following. I view the term woke as very edgy. Although being "woke" could cause many issues. We cannot advance if we don't analyze and question things that we are told. Some theories are far fetched and you may seem like you have a screw loose but I think questioning shows intelligence. Without the Wokes. . Wake will end.

  • Doesn't go far enough.

    Woke movement was started because there are issues In society that need to be addressed. Some of those issues are being solved however there are STILL a lot of issues with society I. E (discrimination of POC, The disabled, And LGBTQ) and until these issues are solved then #Woke made society a better place.

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