• The elite use sematic to confuse and distract from the importance of issues and to weary citizens.

    Terms /Sematics used like "Daca, Dreamers, innocent victims,"is too vague and are deliberately used for that reason. This sugar- coating by the use of sematics of aliens living in this country by the leftists is often done when trying to delude the American citizens into thinking that illegal aliens flooding across America's borders is innocuous and a harmless act for the country and its citizens.
    Surely the rhetorical, innocuous, sounding words like "Daca, Dreamers," would ,if anything,only benefit the country as we were always led to believe by those using these grandiose sounding words. The word-smith's,the Media, the politicians,and Anti-America elite leftists attempt to fool the citizens into believing that immigrants, legal or illegal were the magic elixir that makes America the great country that it is today. But these Hate, anti- America groups for all their ability to use sematics to camouflage the reality that the problem of handling the results of aliens coming into this country, " Daca/ Dreamers," by " Just words," as Barack Obama once said in a speech, has brought great harm to this country by the fact that America's government and the citizens now has to deal with this issue which would never have came up if the elite in powerful positions of influence such as the media had used their positions to enforce America's sovereignty and well being. Those in positions of influence and power should have demanded that all foreign countries respect the countries laws and its borders but they didn't, as a result, the country is now faced with the problems of a not so , " innocuous," as it turned out , Daca, Dreamers."
    Mike Brzezinski once said that is "our job" .....To" Control exactly what people think."
    And what a job the word- smiths did flam flaming the American public into believing immigrants, " Daca, Dreamers." wouldn't be a problem but a part of the solution to America's problems.

    "Brzezinski: ‘Our Job’ Is to Control ‘Exactly What People Think’
    grabienews web site... Feb 22Nd.2017.

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