11 people have already been shot and killed by cops in 2016: Are cops avoiding non-lethal means to confront criminals?

  • Cops are doing exactly what they want to do.

    Cops are doing exactly what they want to do. In my opinion, that means killing non-white people. That is their job and it always has been their job. We live in a society that will do anything to prevent the success of a non-white person. I am not suprised. Angry, but not surprised.

  • No, they are not

    They are not necessarily actively avoiding non-lethal means to confront criminals. While they are not necessarily discouraged at this time, 11 deaths in a country with such a large population does not indicate that the police are making a conscious effort to avoid less lethal means. However, they should be watched more carefully and thoroughly examined by an outside party when things like this happen.

  • Officers should be provided with alternative training.

    Law enforcement are trained in a variety of areas, however, it would appear that officers are quickly resorting to weapons or violence in order to calm a situation. This is proving to be deadly and the result is that people are losing their lives. By training cops in another method of peace-keeping, we can ensure that they are doing their very best to turn a bad situation into a calm situation as effectively as possible.

  • No I disagree

    I disagree that just because someone was killed by a cop, they employed the wrong type of action. There are so many criminals out there with guns and cops are under fire quite a bit. If someone is coming at a cop or at another person with a gun or deadly weapon then the cop should shoot.

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