12 year old arrested after false accusation: Are people overly paranoid when it comes to Muslim children?

  • Muslim Hatred is on the Rise

    The Western world is being intentionally stirred up by the media as well as by the political leaders to engender more division and fear. The more fear that the people have, the more likely they are to accept new more-stringent laws which constrain individual freedom and civil liberties. The goal is to get the world to conform to one order, rather than competing interests.

  • People are overly paranoid when it comes to Muslim children

    Yes, I believe that people are overly paranoid when it comes to Muslim children and Muslims in general. If the white kid was excited about a clock that he made in school nobody would care, but a Muslim kid must be a terrorist. People should not discriminate by race. How many school shootings are done by Muslim kids and how many by white ones?

  • Yes, people are overly paranoid when it comes to Muslim children.

    People are overly paranoid about Muslim children, and Muslim's as a whole. Muslim children are the same as any other children of any different race, creed, or nationality. They like playing, having fun, and are still innocent. They have not been corrupted by their parents, and likely their parents are not even radical. Let kids be kids, no matter what their religion is.

  • It takes a Village

    Children are innocent. They learn how to hate, how to judge and how to fear just as much as they learn to talk, walk and read. Children are being raised in homes where there are conflicting messages being thrown around and they do not have the brain development and experience to decipher what is right and what is wrong. How can we expect them to decipher the morality code that we are all trying to juggle and understand? With so much hate in our world right now, we need to be mindful to teach and mimic love, non judgement and acceptance of others.

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