12-year-old girl banned from school football team for 'inciting lust.' Is this fair?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • It happened at a private Christian school so they can do what they damn will please.

    When sexuality is such a taboo subject, as it is in all religious schools, she probably DID incite lust. Why do you think there are so many perverts in the Catholic church. Pretending sex doesn't exist or staying celibate only make you want it more. How many Catholic schoolgirls are there that turn out to be the freakiest bisexual sex addicts you'll ever meet. I'd say most.

  • There is a time and place for Sexuality

    For one, a twelve year old girl should not get involved with this sort of thing. She is simply too young. And another thing, there is a time and place for sexuality. This place is not in a school, a middle school of all places. They're there to learn, not fornicate like perverted animals. By all accounts, it was fair she got kicked out.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • Of course it isn't fair. How about we start teaching our boys not to objectify women?

    Instead of punishing girls for "inciting lust," why don't we start punishing boys for objectifying and sexualizing them? This is the same victim-blaming that we have when it comes to rape. Instead of teaching men not to rape, we teach women not to get raped. It is absurd and ridiculous to think that banning this 12-year-old girl is the most effective way to solve the problem. Those boys will CONTINUE to objectify and sexualize their female peers, while the young women will be taught to feel as though they are wanton harlots for tempting men with their physical beauty. INSANITY.

  • No, it's not fair.

    Banning a girl for "inciting lust" to me is like banning a girl for existing. By that logic, they could have banned all the boys on the football team for "inciting lust" in the girl. She had a separate locker room. It seems to me that the coach and maybe some other members of the community were just threatened by having a girl on the football team.

  • No, it should be based on ability.

    If a girl has the ability and willingness and strength to play football, then those are the criteria that need to be met. Of course, there should be a dress code for every player on and off the field. Other than that, the lust is the boys' responsibility and not the girl's.

  • It is not fair to ban girls from a football team inciting lust.

    Girls should not be on male sports teams because it is an unfair competition. It is right that they should not play on the same team, but not for the reason that they would incite lust. It also seems unlikely that a 12 year old would incite in other kids the same age.

  • 12 Year-Old's Ban Unjust

    To say that a 12 year-old "incited lust" on a school's football team is crazy. Such a reason for kicking someone off the team is completely unfair. In all likelihood, the girl played like most of the boys and perhaps even better. There's no reason she should have been removed from the team.

  • 12-year-old girl banned from school football team for 'inciting lust' is not fair.

    12-year-old girl banned from school football team for 'inciting lust' is not fair. Girls should be allowed to play on football teams without the fear that they will be banned just because of their sex. They want to be treated equal but it is up the guys to treat them fairly on the field.

  • Make a female league!

    Of course she shouldn't be prevented from playing the sport she loves just because some boys think with their penises, but at the same time, the boys are pubescent, so their performance could be at risk. I think they should make an all female football league. Or, every school should let females participate so that having a female on the team wouldn't be an advantage/disadvantage.

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Eitan_Zohar says2013-06-26T19:25:05.017
Context or link?
chrumbelievable says2013-06-26T19:35:54.767
@Eitan_Zohar, there's a link to the story at the top of the page.

Here: http://bleacherreport.Com/articles/1683811-11-year-old-girl-banned-from-school-football-team-for-inciting-lust