12-year old girls stab friend in reaction to internet meme: Should we limit children's Internet access?

  • Yes, we should limit children's Internet access.

    I believe that we should limit children's Internet access. Schools block websites that children can access, and parents should do the same. Children are too impressionable and should not be able to access whatever they want on the Internet. Limiting access would hopefully not give children violent ideas and would help reduce tragedies like the stabbing.

  • Yes ,childrens access to the internet should be limited.

    Yes, a child's access to the internet should be limited. Children have no business being on social media sites unsupervised. There is so much bullying going on. At that age they are not responsible enough to be able to use such devices. Parents need to be watching what their children are doing and who they are talking to.

  • Not about limiting, about teaching common sense.

    Common sense is pretty rare. I think that just like adults, children can lack common sense even more so than adults. Stupidity will never be helped, how do you think warning labels got on things like household cleaners and such? At one point in time for every warning label, a person actually tried doing something like that, could you imagine getting a cleaner and then saying "hmmm I wonder what this would do if I drank it?" Like seriously people attempt things ALL the time based off of whatever they were thinking at the time. At one point smoking was thought to be cool and not harmful. I mean logically you could be like, well its not fully researched so gee should I do it? I mean this ONLY at the time when smoking was first around and all that and not now, its everyone's personal choice though. But my main point is people do things all the time, this does not negate stupid people though, ever see the warnings at the beginning of stunt movies that say: warning don't try this at home? Its because at one point in time a person has done this. It doesn't matter what age you are, people are people and if not taught about responsibility enough to recognize right from wrong and well that's what you get! Adults including though are more so than children in this category being as they should know wrong from right and sometimes people don't get that!

  • Internet isn't the problem

    The Internet isn't the cause of bad behavior, poor parenting is. If you can not instill right and wrong into your child by 12, you are a failure as a parent or your child has a serious mental illness that needs to be evaluated. This is no different than blaming video games for every bit of aggression in the world while ignoring every other form of media. It boils down to bad parenting.

  • Anyone who yes are stupid fat cows

    The internet can help children's social skills and teach them about the world your being stupid if you think you should restrict it just moniter your child. Restricting it is laziness. You should be helping your child weed out out the right from the wrong. Get off your lazy butt and help your child through the danger not just encase them in a shell in till there too old then dump it on them all at once with no guidence!

  • Kill the Roots, Not the Leaves.

    Far too many arguments are black and white and try to snip the leaves rather than the buds. The problem here started with a child not being supervised or restricted by an adult with their access to the internet. The second problem lies within the impressionism and understanding of one of the MANY things the internet contains. Effort has been made by the site mods/owner to for one, acknowledge the incident as well as apologize. Hopefully this leads to effort being taken by the site and sites like it to require warnings and agreements to understanding the content of the site before access can be granted (similar to and including the 18+ warning and agreement often found on similar sites). More effort should be taken in most cases we debate here specifically on information, understanding and overall knowledge to children and adults alike. Mishaps start with not having strong enough knowledge on the subject at hand.

  • No, is internet really the problem?

    What age is a child? Obviously, a 7 year old shouldn't be allowed to be on the internet all night long and a parent should make sure the child isn't doing anything wrong. But a 12 year old knows better than to stab someone. I am a teenager and I spend quite a bit of time on the internet, sometimes I see things that make me mad but I have good enough sense to know how to react. I personally feel that this is more of a parenting thing than what the internet has done. The internet does not say "go stab someone".

  • Not at all.

    First of all, it is your parents fault if your child is doing bad things and unsafe when you are supposed to be monitoring what they are doing. Hence, it is not the websites fault alone, there are many around the world who are killing and making mistakes because of the bad influence around them.

  • No, children's access to the internet should be monitored, not restricted.

    It is a parent's job to ensure that their children have access to learning and information and it is also a parent's job to monitor the veracity and truthfulness of that information. Access should not be restricted because restrictions just make the forbidden fruit more attractive and encourage the children to lie or sneak to get to the things they want. However, if access is allowed and the parent actively and proactively monitor and is present to be asked questions and to reassure then the child will not be in danger or of danger to others.

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