12InchBeef is among one of the greatest angles to ever kiss this wasteland of DDO B)

Asked by: wekwe
  • He's a wonderful person!

    Oh, Come on! His arguments are probably the most intellectual thing you could EVER send in a debate. Surely, Most people would give a detailed response, But 12Inch obviously knows his stuff. He probably has way too much time on his hands to spend it on this website, So giving simple responses would be the best options! He knows that the people who get offended by his responses wouldn't have understood the true elegance of his decisions he does daily. He is hands down one of the best people on this website, Why would you want to ban him?

  • Shut up no

    Kissing is the work of satan ill have you know i never once kissed my husband and do you know why it was because im not a heretic ok you are going to burn in hell for your sinful ways goodness gracious me ill be dsmned if anyone can tell me kissing is good you could get aids i know ok im a teacher i tell my kids everyday that they will get aids and my daughter henrietta (god bless her soul) kissed me and i said oh my god henrietta what have you done homosexuality is against gods teachings and so i spanked her right there in the church and she never kissed me again and now shes in heaven and i love her and then another thing its just plain disgusting ok just stop ok stop

  • What is a great angle?

    Do you mean approximately 150 degrees. I am 179 degrees therefore I am a greater angle. Or do you mean someone of 5th century Germanic origin. Sceaf was a great Angle of this period. Maybe you're mistakenly
    referring to Zwolf Zoll Rindfleisch the legendary Angle warrior. He was no angel and was certainly renowned for kissing wastelands.

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