13yo Girl Shot in the Face, Tribal Elder in Critical Condition as Police Assault DAPL Protesters: Are we safe?

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  • We are not safe !

    If you think that a 13 year old girl getting shot in the face means that people are safe what kind of wacked up world do we live on. We need to attack this problem head on if people are getting shot, maced, attaked by dogs even we need to stop this.

  • No, you are not safe.

    The police are becoming more and more upset with the protests at the DAPL. There have been an increasing number of attacks on protesters in an attempt to clear them out. It is clear that they are no longer doing what is in the best interest of the protesters. I do not believe the protesters are safe at the site any more.

  • This shows how simple situations can easily get out of hand

    The protesters and the police are both getting out of control. The protesters need to make sure they are respecting the laws so as to stay out of trouble. The police officers need to ensure they aren't using excessive force, creating more of a mess than there already is. So long as these two groups keep acting the way they have been, none of them are safe.

  • Police brutality is getting out of hand

    Even though some protesters do step out of line and provoke police officers, the brutality in the DAPL situation is shameful. Police officers should find less destructive ways to control protests, especially since the people there are simply trying to protect their home territory. They have the right to do so without being abused.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    In the civilian world, where civilians can leave an area without either exposing themselves or others to deadly violence, it is acceptable to use for control of an area. Just because the LESS LETHAL options police use are LESS doesn't mean they still aren't lethal. Use of CS gas does nothing but open up protesters to rubber bullets, freezing water, and batons to the face.

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