• Is it legally? Yes. Scientifically? No.

    Scientifically your brain stops developing at around 25 - 26 years, but in at least 47 states in america you are legally considered an adult at age 18. This is because you are granted the right to vote at age 18. This was done in response to anti-war protests in the 70's

  • If your old enough to die in war

    If you can be called in defense of your country you should be considered an adult with all the rights and privileges of one. That should be all that needs to be said on this. I dare anyone to try and justify sending "kids" off to war and them not be an adult.

  • No way that’s totally wrong

    The age should be 26 because most 25 year olds brain are developed but could still fully develop at 26 . 26 is twice the age of 13 the first age of teenager. People are not on young adult health insurance anymore. Plus most people are should get married at 26 and not 18. 18 should be considered a teenager not a adult! Plus teenagers are bratty at 18 they think they can do and get what ever they want Which makes them spoiled brats plus if they live with their parents the parents can still punish them plus they should respect their parents Most 18 year olds think stupid jokes are funny which makes them immature.18 is a kid not an adult!!!

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