1961 Nuke nearly wiped out North Carolina? Is this just one example of nuclear near-disasters?

  • Nuclear is a double edges sword.

    Nuclear power is a dangerous proposition with great potential. The problem is that we haven't found a way to make this safe yet, so we are kids playing with the biggest fire crackers in the world. It isn't going to end pretty. We need to do something about this situation.

  • many examples of nuclear near-disasters

    There have been other examples apart from North Caroline of incidents where nuclear energy has been involved in near misses or actual disasters. Of course nuclear warheads are a serious threat to life and the North Carolina incident in 1961 is just one of these that we know of but nuclear energy from energy plants has caused many an accident such as Chernobyl.

  • They are rare.

    No, the 1961 incident in North Carolina is not just one example of nuclear near-disasters, because nuclear disasters are relatively rare. And remember, Chernobyl was the fault of a communist government that did not want to admit what happened, and did not take appropriate precautionary measures in the first place. Nuclear energy is safe.

  • No it is not

    First of all I would like to say that the question is wrong. In a nuclear warhead there is a fundamental difference between destroyed and detonated. The nuclear weapons referred to in the question was destroyed and near releasing radioactive material into a small contained area. You could theoretically light a nuclear weapon on fire and watch it burn to ashes without it ever detonating. This is due to the nature of nuclear fission. Since the mass of U/Pl is subcritical it can't ever sustain a reaction until it is compressed perfectly or slammed against another subcritical mass at high speeds. That being said it looked bad for the government and could of contaminated a bit of swamp land but using the word disaster in this senerio is way out of context.

  • Going beyond nuclear energy usage

    No, as we have noticed in the history; going beyond usage of nuclear energy can cause unindemnified damages to the natural life. A good example is the "War in Japan" when the city of Hiroshima exploded by atomic bomb. The second one is the world's threat about nuclear program enrichment in middle eastern countries. There fore I come up with the conclusion that using beyond the line of nuclear program will cause nuclear near - disasters.

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