1994 Heisman winner found dead of suicide: Do athletes get the mental health treatment they need?

  • Yes, some just decide to venture into drugs.

    Athletes do get the mental health treatment they deserve but some make bad choices while active or after retirement. Some decide to venture into alcohol and drug abuse that eventually affect their mental health. The case of Heisman being found dead of suicide in 1994 is one of the many cases of athletes who were brought down by their own success.

  • It is often overlooked

    Athletes' mental illness is often overlooked for various reasons. One of the most prominent of these is the lack of understanding and knowledge. Many people just don't understand how mental illness truly works, and many people just brush it off. It's hard for someone who has been known as tough and strong to admit that they have a problem, especially mental illness. Football players are especially susceptible, and should be offered encouragement to take care of the issues they may be encountering.

  • Only recently have we realized the need for mental health treatement in athletes

    Only recently has America come to appreciate the need for mental health care of our athletes. It may be because athletes tend to be males and historically and socially men are told to handle mental issues and emotions quietly, to themselves or to ignore them. The overall stigma with mental health has been lifting in recent years. Athletes have not had enough mental health care in the past but the tide is turning.

  • No, athletes do not get the mental health treatment they need.

    No, athletes do not get the mental health treatment they need. While athletes may be better-paid than professionals in nearly every other field, they need to deal with the assumption that they are superhuman and never in need of emotional help. This attitude has doubtlessly discouraged many athletes from seeking the help they need.

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