2,234 Get Infected With HIV: Is the Indian Government in Denial Over Epidemic?

  • The Indian government is in denial over HIV epidemic

    The Indian government is in denial over the HIV epidemic as 2,234 people have been infected after transfusions. there appears to have been budget cuts, which only occurs if a government does not believe there is a significant problem. Additionally, if the government believed the problem was serious, simple steps would have been taken to avoid using contaminated blood.

  • No, they are not in denial, they just don't care.

    Nothing will ever change in countries that are ruled by religious thinking. This has been going on since the days of Mother Theresa who taught the locals that birth control was a sin even though there was an epidemic occurring at the same time. Soon, they will not be able to contain it.

  • No. A small fraction of it's people contracting a disease does not mean, by default, there is an epidemic nor that anyone is in denial of that.

    India, as a country, has about 1.252 billion citizens living within it's borders. If only 2,234 contract HIV, it would be hard pressed to consider it an epidemic, especially when compared to actual epidemics it faces. Considering that 20% of the people of India, 250 million, are considered to be living below the poverty line, the current HIV issue is far from an epidemic level. This does not mean that it should be ignored, but that it is a smaller problem in a list of larger ones.

  • No, India's HIV problem is not the government's fault.

    No, accusing India's government of denial should not be the first reaction to the country's AIDS epidemic. In fact, according to sources like, India's government has played a considerable role in curbing the growing number of Indians infected with HIV. Before a government can address any public health problem, it has to recognize the problem. If India's government is taking action against an epidemic, other countries have reason to believe that India does not deny its HIV epidemic.

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