2 Cops and a Woman Killed: Is this shooting cult (yes) or movie (no) motivated?

  • Yes, it has to be a cult, if anything

    It is hard sometimes to determine why people do what they do. Sometimes, there is no reason at all, just random happenings and senseless cruelty. But it is human nature to try and find a reason, or at least blame something. Most people understand fiction from fact and movies aren't real, but cults can convince even smart, realistic people that they must kill

  • Movie motivation for killings

    In killings like this, it is easy to see how killers can be inspired by movie plots. How many movies do we see where cops get killed. Movies normalise this kind of behaviour and inspire the kind of people who would become killers anyway to live out their movie fantasies.

  • It's so much more!

    In this world and times, people are getting out of control, it's almost like there is nothing else better to do than to leave your house and shoot some one now, when you wake up in the morning, if all you can think about is shooting some one, than you just need to Stay HOME! and work out your own problems and let everyone else live.

  • Movies unfairly blamed for psychotic behavior.

    Scientist have proven that most of our personality characteristics are set by the age of ten. After that age we will stick to the basis of our beliefs. The choice to murder another human being cannot be made simply by watching a movie. The murderer would have to have these tendencies to begin with. Blaming games, movies, music or other media is a tactic incorporated by defense attorneys. It suggest that the psychotic person would be otherwise not prone to murder if they had not been exposed to violence in the media. This is a ludicrous suggestion.

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