2 Hellfire missiles bound for Portland discovered: does our airline security system need to be improved?

  • Missiles are too dangerous

    John Oliver ran a segment a year or two ago about how careless the American government is with nuclear weapons. That's true in airline security and it's true in land-based security as well. Seriously, these are literal weapons of mass destruction. The least we can do is ensure they don't fall into the wrong hands so easily.

  • Airline Security Improved

    I do think our airline security needs to be improved. They are doing a great job as far as searches go, but I think security could be a little tighter behind the scenes, like with the baggage. Also maybe when people are boarding the planes. Security seems to be a little lax in these two areas.

  • Airline Security a joke

    I believe airline security to be a joke. It may have beefed up immediately following the 9/11 incident but in the 14 years following, it has gotten a lot more lax. Even the agents seem to be stereo typing people. So if you don't seem a threat at first sight, then you may not even be thoroughly checked. Which is most definitely why they would miss preventing missiles to slip by in Portland.

  • No, the security is already tight

    I don't think that airline security needs to be improved.It is already tight and there are not many things that can be improved without aggravating passengers. After all, even though all of the necessary paperwork has been done for these missiles, they took time to investigate a bit and be sure that everything is in order.

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