2 Turks seek refuge in Japan after alleged rape: Do Japan's laws need to be tougher with respect to those seeking refugee status?

  • Japan has become the wastebasket of the world.

    It appears that because of the lack of stringent laws in place in the country of Japan, the flotsam and jetsam of the world seek a new start there. The real question should be can the United Nations force the Japanese government into denying any type of refugee. Should this be a map for future refugees?

  • We Need Tougher Refugee Rules

    There is an inherent risk with allowing others into your country. The number of refugees across the globe is on the rise. Most of these people have good intentions and would likely make good citizens of their new home. The problem is that with inviting so many people in, a country invites a lot of risk. We will see a rise in attacks if we continue with current refugee laws.

  • No means no

    They will start to flood and shit all over Japan and then forming Gang bang club to rape the Japanese girl. . Those scumbag treat their woman like sex machine and slave, They are born with low moral value and as they watches too many Japanese AV and thinking that all Japanese girls are the same

  • Japan's laws need to be as tough as its residents think is effective

    Far too often other countries like to meddle in the affairs of others, pontificating and trying to dictate what is appropriate. Japan's laws only need be as tough as its citizens and government think. No one else has any standing or right to dictate the terms and conditions of refugee, or other, status of another country.

  • Japanese refugee situation

    In comparison with the huge number of refugees and migrants seeking refuge across continental Europe, Japan is noteworthy for the relatively few migrants that they have allowed to cross their borders. There will always be outlying situations where the law needs to be closely examined but these outliers should not prompt tougher laws unilaterally.

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