20 Years After Forrest Gump: Do you wish you were a shrimp boat captain?

  • Yes, Forrest Gump made it look fun

    I think there is something very rewarding about a career that is tied to the earth and our own personal sustenance, like fishing. It would certainly be difficult work, and the pay would not be spectacular, but it would give me something to look forward to doing when I go to work.

  • It would be fun.

    Yes, I wish I was a shrimp boat captain, because I would be able to wear a hat and pick a first mate. I wouldn't have to sit in an office all day. And I would be able to eat delicious shrimp. And I would be sure to give Bubba's mom his share too, because it was his idea.

  • No, I don't wish a shrimp boat captain

    I absolutely hated Forest Gump, I could never understand the hype behind it. I don't wish there was a shrimp boat captain and am completely happy there was no sequel to the movie. I think it is the most overrated movie of all time and try my best not to think about it.

  • No, I have no desire to be a shrimp boat captain.

    While I love Forrest Gump, and Bubba too, I have no want to be a shrimp boat captain. I can't drive a boat, I'm not a good fisherman and I'd rather lay out in the sun than spend long days on the water looking for shrimp. I would be more likely to own the boat and hire a captain than to actually captain the boat myself.

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